"Success is finding a mentor and then being a mentor" 

NBA All-Star Kenny Anderson has teamed up with The Sports Performance Clinic to provide skills training and share his basketball knowledge with youth of all ages. The Breakfast Club, held monthly, features drills, conditioning, and game play exercises. 

Understanding the impact that NBA players have on today's young athletes, Kenny is becoming a true community leader. His story, unlike many others, is one that can inspire and motivate today's youth to work towards their goals. 

Mr. Chibbs | The Documentary

Kenny Anderson's road to the NBA is a storied tale of hard work, perseverance, strength, and family. In his observational documentary, Kenny Anderson, also known as Mr. Chibbs, takes us back through the halls, gyms, and locker rooms that shaped his past. 

Raised by a single mother in New York City, Kenny recollects on the courts, coaches, and mentors that helped motivate him to achieve success. From his days as a New York street ball and high school phenom, to elevating his game at Georgia Tech, this documentary gives fans a deeper look into what it took to make "Mr. Chibbs"


Willing to be open about his past, Kenny faces the subject of sexual abuse head on and explains how his experiences have helped him be an advocate for other youth who may be faced with similar challenges.


Ending with Kenny's current life as a father and a youth sports mentor, the Mr Chibbs documentary also gives viewers insight into how he is moving forward after the NBA. The Sports Performance Clinic and Coach Bobby Parker, have been a vessel and support system for Kenny in his growth as a mentor.  Get more information on this documentary at Kenny Anderson's official website:  


We are happy to announce that former NBA Legend Kenny Anderson will be having his second pre-season training this fall in Tampa.  The program will consist of skill work, plyometrics, strength and conditioning, resistance band work, track work, and agility drills on the soft sand of the beach.  The training will be held for 2 Saturdays each month from 10am thru 12:30pm starting August 18th, and 3 locations will be utilized. The price for all 5 sessions will be $200, which is recommended to hold your space each week.  Cost is $45 to pay for each individual session. Please call 866-500-3493. Kenny and his staff are looking forward to getting your child ready for his or her upcoming basketball season.

  • Beach Workout

  • Track Workout

  • Shooting

  • Transition/Attacking

  • Defensive Concepts

  • Ball Handling

  • August 18th (Test, Basketball Drills)

  • September 8th (Track, Basketball Drills)

  • September 22nd(Beach, Basketball Drills)

  • October 13th (Track, Basketball Drills)

  • October 27th (Beach, Test, Basketball Drills)

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